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「ギター」まちごと美術館cotcoto in HACHITEN 









A lot of people come to me and say that they can't play that type of song because I don't have big hands like yours, or that they don't have guitar player hands. I don't buy any of that. I'll tell you why. Because there are people in this world who have tiny little hands, like little children. I've seen so many young children, six, seven eight years old, who are playing guitar and pulling off these things and reaching the stuff that adults have come to me and said they can't play because they don't have big hands. I tell them that it's no excuse. Small hands means more you have to be more determined. What happens with your hands is that if you keep trying it you will get it. And your hands will shape to what you need them to do. When someone tells me they can't get their thumb over I tell them to find another way of doing it. Don't let anything stop you. Don't let the fact that you have small hands stand in your way. I've always had fairly big hands even when I was a little boy. I guess I was lucky in that respect. However there are people around who can play a lot more complicated stuff than me and their hands are a lot smaller. It's really a matter of how determined you are and how committed you are to getting the job done.


多くの人が私のところにやってきて、「私はあなたのような大きな手を持っていないから、あなたの曲を演奏できない」と言うけど、 でもね、それ違うと思うな〜。この世には大人でも小さな子供のように小さな小さな手を持つ人々がいるよ。だけど、私よりもはるかに複雑なものを演奏できるんだな・・・。手が小さいということは、もっと違う弾き方を究明しなければならないということです。あなたがそれを試み続けると、あなたは最初は難しいと思ったフレーズや曲も弾く事ができるようになる。そして、あなたの手はあなたが必要とするものに徐々に形を変えいくでしょう。誰かが私に親指で6弦のベース音を押さえることができないと言うとき、私は彼らにそれをする別の方法を見つけるように言います。人差指で抑えたり、弾かなくてもよい音を省いたり、・・・小さな手ということであきらめないでください。本当にあなたがどれほどその曲を弾きたいか、本当にどれほどそのフレーズを弾きたいか、・・・という問題です。(スゴイ意訳です、間違ってたらゴメン)